Manley Massive Passive Mastering EQ

Focusrite Blue MKII

Curve Bender TG12345

Api 5500


Maselec MLA-3

Manley Slam! Mastering


Antelope Pure2

Crane Song HEDD 192

Burl Bomber B2


Manley Mastering Backbone Insert Switcher

Avocet I Monitor Controller

 Apogee Big Ben Master Clock

Sonic Studio Soundblade HD 2.2

Pro tools HD 8 and Digidesign 192 interface

Quested HQ210 Main Monitors

Pass XA 30.5 Power

Genelec 1030A Studio Monitors

Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones


FranciscoHolzmannSince 2009 Francisco is the studio engineer.

His work, both in local and international productions, is recognized for its quality and dedication, making him one of the most well-respected engineers in South America.

You can reach him by email at  and check out his most outstanding works on his website:

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1.- ¿What is audio mastering?

Audio mastering is the last creative process of a musical production and the first step in the distribution of your music in any final format (CD,Vinyl, ITunes, etc). In this step the qualities of a good mix are boosted with a fresh and experienced ear.

2.- Why to work with us?

We offer great quality in the mastering of your music. Giving a customised and experienced service.

3.- How do I prepare my files for mastering?

Send us your mix without changing its resolution. It is ideal to use a 24 bit (44.1khz – 192khz) at an approximate level of -6 dBpeak. We suggest you take out all the processes in the master bus that you could have added to get more volume to send us a clean mix.

4.- What do I get by mastering in Clio?

We give you a 24bit/44.1khz wave file by a download link or you can come and get it directly in the studio. The sequencing for the Master CD (DDP) or Vinyl has an additional cost based on the time we take to complete the job.

5.-How much does mastering cost?

-The price for each song is 40.000 pesos* for Chile and USD75* for other countries.

-Attended sessions prices are 60.000 pesos per hour for Chile and USD85* for other countries.

* Prices are for each individual mix sent. Masters are delivered via download link or directly in the studio. Prices don’t include the master CD or DDP elaboration nor post charges.

6.- How do I send my mix?

You can come to the studio and leave an USB stick, a hard drive or DVD with your mixes, or you can send us the mix using Wetransfer or Dropbox to email address.

7.- How can I pay?

If you are in Chile you can pay in the studio or you can make an electronic transferring to our bank account. You can ask for it at

If you are in a different country you can pay using Paypal to, or you can transfer the funds using Western Union before the date assigned to make your work. In both cases the client assumes the fees of the service providers.

8.- Others:

-If you have a specific sound on mind, please let us know before we start the mastering. We appreciate any ideas or suggestions that can help us to work your music in a better way.

-If you want us to make a CD Master or DDP image for production or replication, make sure you have the ISRC and/or UPC/EAN codes so we can include them into your master.

-If your disc information (artist, album, song, etc.) is not recognized in your PC/MAC, you should register it in the Gracenote virtual data base. To do so follow the instructions in this Link.


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